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Floating breakwaters and cruise terminals


Floating breakwater structures are an exclusive specialisation of FDN. Our engineers, who have broad technical knowledge and experience, can provide innovative solutions, which fulfills client's requirements with excellence. Building this type of structure requires good common sense and practical experience in the field. 


The floating breakwater structure is an optimal solution to create a safe harbour for the areas, where classical methods are not convenient. Effective damping of the waves, fast installation and possibility for other use such as a storage facility are the main reasons for choosing a floating breakwater. The floating breakwater represents an effective protection for your harbour or marina.



Floating breakwater in Monaco

The largest floating breakwater and jetty in the world enlarges the harbour in Monaco.


Breakwater structure in Messolonghi, Greece

The new breakwater structure effectively protects the Messolonghi marina against large waves coming from the open sea.


 Gökova Ören Marina, Turkey

An effective solution for marinas to preserve calm wave conditions for yachts all over the year.


Cruise terminal Isle of Man, Great  Britain

350-m long floating cruise terminal for berthing of large cruise ships, with large parking areas and facilities that a modern terminal needs.


Oslo cruise terminal, Norway

Floating pier for berthing both small boats and large sail ships


Floating breakwater and marina in Ljansbruket, Norway

New floating marina for 450 boats protected by breakwaters to be built near Oslo


Floating breakwater for Bataan terminal, The Philippines

Protection for ships berthing at jetty of LNG terminal


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