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Harbour construction


FDN has been involved in construction of ports and harbours across the world as the designer of port layout plan and as the port consultant. Coal harbours, container harbours, yacht harbours and cruise terminals are the projects, which FDN is closely familiar with. The FDN is specialised in the design of harbours for large ships and exclusive yachts. Many governments and harbour authorities around the world are advised by FDN for realisation of their port construction projects.

Olympic yacht harbour, Greece

The Olympic yacht harbour (2004) next to the new Peace & Friendship stadium in Palaion Faliron has been designed by FDN for our client Archimedes Floating Marinas.


Pontoons in Messolonghi harbour, Greece

Light-weight pontoons for berthing.


Souda Bay Harbour NATO, Greece

Small harbour for local ships creates a relaxing neighbourhood for leisure.


Pontoons Rethymmo Harbour, Greece

Light-weight pontoons - convenient solution for the marinas.


Sonthaven, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Development of the Sonthaven as a part of Westhaven of Amsterdam.


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