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Tunnel construction


FDN has performed the engineering of several tunnels around Netherlands. Both entire design and consultancy were provided successfully to our clients. The projects deal with tunnel for pedestrians and vehicles but also for trams or trains. Broad knowledge about moving and/or sliding possibilities of a bridge deck has brought a good reputation to FDN.

Dordtse Kil, The Netherlands

In assignment of ‘HSL South-Holland-South’ FDN did research on the structural design of a tunnel for the high-speed railway line.


IJ-tramtunnel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The new tunnel for trams connects IJburg with the central part of Amsterdam.


Project Noord/Zuidlijn, Amsterdam,The Netherlands

The tunnel along the Noord-Hollandskanaal improved the traffic situation in the north of Amsterdam.


Underpass Megensebaan, Oss, The Netherlands

The new underpass makes an important link to the local road net.


Underpass Brandevoort II, Helmonds, The Netherlands


The new underpass which enables easy crossing with railway tracks.


Train tunnel Pannerdensch canal, Betuwe line,The Netherlands

The unique tunnel was constructed with a special bore machine.


Tunnel near Houtkade, randstadrail, The Netherlands

The brand new underpass for cyclists and pedestrians under the tram rails.


Other Projects


Our expertise does not only lie in the engineering of structures above ground, but also in the foundation below. The need to support and retain the soil and water in temporary or permanent situations is very essential in Dutch engineering projects. FDN’s experience in this field speaks for itself: pile foundations and piles (in 2D and 3D calculations), steel sheet-pile walls, reinforced concrete retaining walls, combined retaining walls (sheet piles and tubes), harbour walls and quays, soil stability and settlement calculations.

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