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Floating recreational building, Wessem, The Netherlands

The floating building with the harbour offices, a restaurant and multiple recreational areas.


Floating constructions


Floating structures are an exclusive specialisation of FDN. Our engineers with broad technical knowledge and experience can provide innovative solutions, which fulfill client's requirements with excellence. This type of structures require a good common sense and intuition. Hence, it is essential to be involved with the real professionals.


Floating buildings in IJburg, The Netherlands

The new floating building complex with information center IJburg.


Het Nieuwe Water project, The Netherlands

A unique development project that enables living on the water in an unprecedented way.


Floating island, Sri Lanka

Project of private islands with exclusive villas, designed for South-East Asia region.


Floating fire station in Deventer, The Netherlands

The new fire station built on the water.


Recreation island in the Hout-harbour, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FDN has been involved in the creation of a recreational island and also a floating road from the island to the existing piers. The floating road is designed as concrete pontoons.


Floating pontoons with fibre reinforced concrete



Pier fishing trawler, South Holland



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