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Het Nieuwe Water project, The Netherlands


FDN ,together with, has been involved in the unique project, which will be realized between the towns of Naaldwijk and 's-Gravenzande. The project combines living and leisure on the water and it is the first of its kind in Europe. The new neighborhood will offer variety of floating apartments and private islands.


FDN's task was to design a semi-floating detached house supported by a special hydraulic system, which would change the position of the house according to variable conditions such as water tides or unbalanced load inside the house. The hydraulic system must assure a comfortable living without any ship-like behavior of the house.



Example of an architectural impression of one house ( and the simplified computer model of the house (right figure)


Top view of the house: The hydraulic system - three supporting piles with hydraulic pumps at the top. The system is connected to the sensors placed inside the house

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