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Project development


FDN has carried out many projects effectively together with the main project developers. FDN fulfills the role of advisor in the field of architectural and structural design, management, financial control and supervision of various construction projects from all over the world. FDN also finds the correct partners in Europe such as financial institutions, and hotel and cruise ship terminal developers who are introduced to the main project developer. FDN ensures good project planning, design and implementation, and sets the stage for long-term success.

Hotel resort and harbour in the Caribbean


The new area will provide an exclusive standard of living with many facilities.


Functional Yacht Hotel*****

Invented by FDN to develop projects on preserved natural environments that need harmless technologies to develop. Basic units can be converted to offices, villas, hotels, and resorts.



Project IJsel, Amsterdam Centraal Station, The Netherlands

The new roofed area improves existing Central station in Amsterdam.


Hotel development, Lake Palace hotel,
The Netherlands

FDN has been involved in several studies regarding hotel development. The studies focused on both architectural, urbainistic and marketing issues.


Project Schilderskwartier, Woerden, the Netherlands

The modern urbanistic solution replaces old layout of the city from 50's and 60's. From the assignment of Heddes, FDN carried out detailed engineering of a new school and 48 houses.


Messolonghi harbour, Greece

The new concept of the marina offers comfortable berthing and brand new facilities.


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