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Functional Yacht Hotel*****


Functional Yacht is the innovation project of FDN, which aims to fill a gap in the current market of floating structures and yacht industry. The functional yacht is supposed to bridge these two fields and introduce a wider use of floating structures into the market. Nowadays, the brand new yachts are made exclusively for a small group of clients. The price of the yachts is enormous and not acceptable for a broader group. The use of traditional materials, such as concrete, and application of simple solutions can suppress the price of the final product to an acceptable level. This is the main reason, why FDN has developed a floating yacht, which is built in the sense of civil engineering manners, but functionally fulfills expectations of a luxury yacht.


Functional Yacht is a self-sufficient floating structure, which substitutes large 50-60m long luxurious yachts. The floating structure is not designed for long-distance sailing. It is suitable for rather short distances along the coast or rivers. The ground plan of a standards yacht/island has the polygonal shape (trimmed triangle) with the main dimensions resulting to are around 300 m2 per floor. In order to have a light structure, special UHPC concrete is used. It is assumed, that concrete will be reinforced with reinforcing nets. The aluminum/steel superstructure can consist of three floors – sun deck (alternatively bridge deck), upper and bottom deck.


Disposition and functionality in the superstructure are determined by needs of a client. The movement of the yacht is assured by an electrical engine located in the back part of the hull, under the bottom deck. The engine is not expected to create a high speed of structure, but only slow transportation to another location.



Floating functional luxurious hotel

Floating functional luxurious hotel - top view

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