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Floating breakwater in Messolonghi, Greece


FDN was asked to design and construct a floating breakwater structure for Messolonghi harbour. It means that complete range of services were provided for this project starting with own wave analysis, through complete design up to construction and final installation. The last part of the whole process was monitoring of the structural behaviour under extreme weather conditions.


Design criteria for the structure were the following:

• Water depth near breaker 9m

• Wind speed 12 Beaufort (30 m/s)

• Occurring wave periods T =1 to 6 sec , corresponding wave lengths up to 60m

• Wave height up to 2m (significant wave height)

• Wave damping needed: up to 2m waves with a period of 5s should be damped up to 80%. Higher                  waves damped 50%

• Design extreme condition wave height up to 4m (for design anchorage, concrete and connections)

• Design life structure 70 years

• Reference period of loads 100 years


The structure was calculated according to the European codes.



Floating breakwater in Messolonghi

Construction of the breakwater structure

Installation of the polystyrene blocks

Lifting of the main body

Overturn of the element to the water and connecting

FDN’s flexible pontoon connector / Mega breakwater ready to be brought to it’s final position

Breakwater structure in extreme conditions - hardly any waves on the right side (left figure). Walking on the breakwater structure (right figure)

3D model of a floating breakwater

Watch a short clip of a floating breakwater under heavy wind and wave load >>>

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