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Oslo cruise terminal, Norway

A new floating pier and berthing dolphins are intended to be built in a harbor area near to Oslo, Norway. FDN was asked to design a structure, which would enable berthing both small-sized boats and large sail ships. Furthermore, safe transport of passengers, goods and other material must be assured between the berthing vessels and the existing wharf (quay). The floating pier will be directly utilized by small-size boats only whilst the large sail ships (Christian Radich as an example) will use the single-pile dolphins for both berthing and mooring. The dolphins will stand alone and will be equipped with corresponding bollard and fender systems. The floating pier will be attached to the steel piles of the dolphins by steel brackets with rollers.  The floating pier will be 301m long and 6m wide. It will consist of 10 smaller elements connected with each other by flexible connections. The pier is designed to be hollow, filled with corresponding polystyrene. The main body is made of concrete.



The floating pier enables to berth large cruise ships as well as smaller boats.

Typical cross-section of the floating pontoons with dolphins and fenders for large sail ships.

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