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Floating breakwater Gökova Ören marina, Turkey


FDN has been involved in design of a breakwater structure, which is supposed to protect Gökova Ören marina located in the south of Turkey.


The main task was to design a concrete structure, which damps extreme waves coming from the open sea. In terms of damping, it is expected that the break-water structure will be capable to decrease maximal incoming wave height of 3.6m to 0.4m. In other words, damping of the structure should be 80% for any wave direction and period.


In order to protect the whole marina, the overall length of the structure is 2x400m. According to the local conditions, the structure must be designed relatively large. The height of the main body is around 8m and the width is 11m (fins included). Its dimensions enable to use the structure as a jetty with walking path on the top and storage capacity inside the hollow body.



Top-view of the marina - disposition of the breakwater structure

Cross-sectional view of the breakwater structure


Example of computer modelling, which simulates diffraction of the waves

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