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Cruise terminal Isle of Man, Great Britain

A new floating cruise terminal is planned to be built in Port Douglas on Isle of Man. Due to difficult sea conditions, seabed profile, location and high demands to preserve local eco-system, a solution with a floating terminal has been chosen. The terminal will provide both berthing of large ships and protection against waves coming from open sea. In order to accommodate large cruise ships, such as “Allure of the seas”, the floating body is designed as 350m long and 25m wide. The large width is also necessary for damping of the waves, which have significant height of 4.5m in the area. In this sense, the terminal works also as a breakwater.  The floating breakwater facilitates all amenities, which terminal should have, such as offices, departure and arrival hall, supplying roads and large parking for 600 cars. The parking will be situated inside the hollow body of the breakwater in three levels. The main floating body is made of concrete. In order to reduce material consumption and increase durability of the whole structure, high-strength concrete has been chosen as a convenient alternative since FDN has experience with this material.  



Top view of the cruise terminal in Port Douglas, Isle of Man.

Typical cross-section of the floating pier with parking facilities inside the hollow body.

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