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Highway A10 Bos & Lommer viaduct,

The Netherlands


In assignment of the Municipality Engineering unit, FDN was responsible for the engineering of the viaduct over the A10 highway in Amsterdam. The design concerned a new viaduct between two existing viaducts over the highway A10. The building time and phases were crucial as the highway could not be closed for long periods due to heavy traffic.

A10 and entrance to the tunnel underpass

3D STAAD analysis of the middle pillar of viaduct Bos & Lommer(left) and the current situation (right).

The specific requirements of this project:

*No interruption of the public transport (tram and bus) on the Bos & Lommer during the construction

*Minimization of impact on the traffic on the A10 highway

*Placing of the foundation piles without any negative effect on the existing foundation

*Preservation of the highway traffic in the tunnel during the casting of the middle pillar

*No strength reduction of the concrete caused by later vibrations

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