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24 Oktoberplein flyover, Utrecht,

The Netherlands


FDN was involved in design of the 24 Oktoberplein flyover, which solves a problematic traffic situation in the western part of Utrecht. The flyover is the highway bridge with five and six spans, depending on direction. The spans vary from 30 to 40m.


The bridge consists of concrete pre-tensioned hollow girders, which are positioned on the concrete table. The tables are supported by steel tubular piers filled with concrete. Each direction has six girders, which are fixed together by transversal pre-stressing and a flexible mortar.


The client of FDN was MNO Vervat, as the main contractor of the project, and Gemeente Utrecht. The task for FDN was to design a tram portal, barriers and complete calculations of sheet piling. In addition, FDN provided consultancy for several problematic issues, which emerged during the highway bridge construction process.

Tubular piers with steel hollow profiles filled with concrete

Cross-section of the bridge

Example of 3D crack simulation for the barriers used on the bridge

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