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Pavement cable element


FDN in collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Design of the TU Delft, has developed a pavement cable element. The element can hold and protect the data and electricity cables. In this way, workmen have easy access for repairs etc. An element has 1.80m of length, 0.9m of width and 0.3m of height.


FDN won a 2nd price ‘the Amsterdamse Innovatie Trofee’.



 Artist’s impression cable element

 Produced FDN pavement cable elements at concrete manufacturer

Our research has shown the following:

• 60% of the damage to cables in the streets are caused by excavation work;

• the sick leave of cable layers is higher than average;

• 50% of the sick leave of the cable layers is because of the tough physical labour;

• the cable companies and the cable layers are both asking for better rules and possibilities;

• the new housing market will grow by 70.000 units per year until the year 2010.


Some advantages of the cable element for the inhabitants, the municipality and the cable companies are:

For the inhabitants:

• repairs on cables will last shorter, less annoyance;

• less uneven pavements, more comfort;

• less power cuts, more comfort.

For the municipality:

• less complaints from inhabitants;

• more space under the pavement for cables and future expansion of cables;

• cost reduction.

For the cable companies:

• cables better ordered and protected;

• less damage and durability of cables;

• water and gas lines are easier to reach;

• cost reduction.

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